Restaurang Sandsnäs is located at the ”Sandsnäsbadet” beach

Here you can enjoy good food and drinks in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere with enchanting views over the Dalälven.

You will find the bay of Sandsnäs 5 km south of the small town of Hedesunda, in the middle of the river Dalälven on the island of Ön with one of Gästrikland’s most beautiful sandy beaches. The river here is very wide and flows slowly towards the Baltic sea. The island is easily accessible from the mainland by a bridge on the north side and a bridge on the south side. Restaurant Sandsnäs is a popular meeting place for locals, travelers, tourists and visitors of Hedesunda camping.

Our daily menu consists of a choice of different freshly prepared meat, fish and vegetarian dishes and delicious sandwiches. Lunch is served between 10.00 and 16.00. Then the dinner card applies until 21.00. Please drop by to see what´s on the menu today.

You are also welcome to enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a cold beer or a glass of wine on our lovely terrace or inside in the dining room.

The restaurant is open every day during the high season from 10 am to 9 pm.

In addition to good food and drinks at Sandsnäs on the banks of the Dalälven, it is possible to explore the beautiful surroundings with one of our kayaks or canoes.

Our sauna is build on a steady raft wich is anchored about a hundred metres from the Sandsnäsbadet shore. The sauna accommodates max. 18 people and has a separate relax- area to enjoy with friends or family! Order your meal at the restaurant or bring your own on board the sauna.

For more information, to book a table in the restaurant, rent a kayak, canoe the floating sauna, or our hot-tub, call or mail us!

Gerda and André are happy to welcome you at Restaurant Sandsnäs

Tlf.: 0046 (0)291 10 859 or 0046 (0) 73 074 6876                              E-mail  info@sandsnasbadet.se